American Pinups1 Part 5

Looking elegant in her fashionable gown, elbow-length opera gloves and silky, seamed stockings, Hanna Belle sits at her vanity and prepares to disrobe. Pulling off her black gloves, she begins to run a nice, warm bath, then strips off her dress to reveal the lovely lavender lingerie beneath. Touching up her makeup, Hanna appears completely unaware that someone seems to be watching just outside her window. She runs her hands along the smooth silk of her stockings, gently peeling them off her long, sexy legs. Shimmying out of her lingerie, she allows her robe to fall to the floor, then steps into the sudsy bubble bath. Washing, soaking, and playing with the bubbles, she casually glances over to the window from time to time, extending her legs and feet out in that direction, as if maybe she knows she's putting on a show and loving every teasing minute of it.

Featuring:  Hanna Belle

Date Added: Jan 23, 2016

Video Length: 11:47

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