Bellatrix Latex Orgasms

Chained up and covered head-to-toe in latex, slave Charli Piper couldn't possibly be more vulnerable for English Domme Lady Bellatrix. The Dominant woman stares deep into her slave's eyes as she seduces her pet with the high-powered Hitachi vibrator. Slowly, sensually, she teases the vibrator over Charli's catsuit covered breasts, then over her thighs, before finally reaching that special spot in between the girl's trembling legs. The Lady wishes to cut the pleasure with a little bit of pain, deciding that her royal purple flogger will do quite nicely. She strikes the helpless girl directly between her legs a few times, watching with interest as her pet's eyes roll up in ecstatic pain, before diving right back to the vibrator and forcing sweet Charli into a series of blissful orgasms.

Featuring:  Bellatrix, Charli Piper

Date Added: Dec 4, 2015

Video Length: 12:15

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