Demonic Dreamer Part 2

Mistress Aradia takes possession of her lovely slave Abby, holding her close and stripping her of her black, latex top. She stares deeply into the doe-eyed girl, chaining her hands above her head and playing with her exposed nipples, pinching and scratching with her blood-red fingernails. The flogger comes next, followed by clothespins and a riding crop, all used to torture the lovely nipples of dear, sweet Abby. Aradia makes up for the pain by holding her close, gently stroking and rubbing her breasts, soothing the girl and giving her some pleasure before grabbing the flogger, pulling up the girl's skirt, and swatting her in her most sensitive areas. Aradia is an absolute pro when it comes to mixing pleasure with pain harsh spankings beget soft caresses, cruel nails transform into the light tickle of a feather, as the enigmatic Dominatrix challenges her pet with myriad of sensations, never letting her know might come next

Featuring:  Mistress Aradia

Date Added: Feb 19, 2016

Video Length: 20:52

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