Dreamstates part 1

Chennin Blanc and Cheyne Collins are a young couple experiencing marital difficulties. It seems that neither one of them is comfortable communicating their desires with each other. They've come to therapist Samantha Sterlying for help, but even she is at her wit's end in trying to get these two to open up. Exhausting all other therapy options, the good doctor has one last trick up her sleeve. Connecting the couple via electrodes and monitoring them through her computer, the two slip into trance-like states, where they can explore their deepest sexual desires in the safe realms of their minds. In Cheyne's fantasy, they are transported to a dungeon, where he is in control and Chennin is his willing slave. He hikes up her latex skirt and spanks her firm ass, using both his hand and the riding crop, while she moans into her ballgag. Teasing her nipples, he alternates between sucking them and slapping them with the crop, before binding her to the rack and testing Chennin's limits with a Wartenberg pinwheel. She winces but never quite complains, the words "Oh, God!" constantly on her lips, and as he runs the sharp wheel over her breasts, her sweetly erect nipples silently beg him to continue. . .


Date Added: May 1, 2017

Video Length: 09:44

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