Ivy Manor 3 Part 6

Mistress Isabella Sinclaire decides to take advantage of the secluded beach atmosphere and give her slave a little pony-play workout. Jennifer is outfitted with a mouth bit and headgear, her arms bound tightly behind her back in order to give her that proper posture expected by any servant of the Ivy Manor. Mistress Isabella takes her time with the girl, showing her the proper height to which a ponygirl should raise her knees as she prances along the beach. Sleek stockings of black rubber dip into the sand with each step, Isabella standing by with her riding crop in order to orchestrate her movements and provide "inspiration". Once the Mistress is confident that Jennifer has the moves down, she lets her out on a leash for a dressage exhibition, running her pet in a wide circle while she keeps her motivated with casual flicks from an extra-long whip. It's an exhausting ordeal for Jennifer, a draining experience in every respect, but it's all worth it when her beautiful Mistress gently strokes the side of her face, petting her and letting her know what a good girl she is.

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Apr 26, 2017

Video Length: 07:59

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