Ivy Manor 3 part 5

It's not all pain and punishment at the Ivy Manor. Slave Jennifer has been awarded the task of assisting Mistress Isabella Sinclaire with her bath. As the beautiful Domme relaxes amongst the warm bubbles, rubber-clad Jennifer gently works her body over with the washcloth. When Isabella raises her long, toned leg to the sub, something comes over the girl, and she cannot resist greeting the Mistress's toes with her soft, outstretched tongue. Rather than scold her, Isabella sinks deeper into relaxation, while Jennifer shows her beautiful Mistress just how much she adores her, running her tongue up and down the length of her Mistress's foot. This sensual scene exposes an oft-unseen dynamic between Domme & sub. Submission is more than just discipline and degradation. It is also ardent, loving servitude, the giving of oneself over to another, and this scene is absolutely dripping with it. Sometimes discipline must simply give way to sensuality.

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Apr 20, 2017

Video Length: 10:28

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