Mind Control 1 part 3

Therapy or indoctrination? Under Anastasia Pierce, the two become one and the same. Taking advantage of poor Bella Starr's hypn0tized mind, the Domme smiles and laughs at the caged blonde's struggles. At her most vulnerable, Bella is taunted as the delighted doctor toys with her, groping her vulnerable body and teasing the pleading girl. Her flowing latex dress dancing around her, Anastasia is almost sweet as she leads Bella like a puppy to the bondage bench, coaxing the girl to accept her place as she slides the straps over her tight, taut body. And then of course, the torture begins. Anastasia literally laughs at the cries of pain that emanate from Bella, as she spanks, crops, and pours candle wax on her prone body. Bella's moans of anguish inspiring a sadistic joy in the brunette beauty. Once a prisoner to her own fears, Bella will learn that the only way to be free is to be enslaved by something bigger. Something better. SomeOne like Anastasia Pierce. Surely she won't regret that, will she?

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Bella Starr

Date Added: Apr 3, 2017

Video Length: 19:41

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