Mistress Calling part 4

Helplessly chained to the bed, Victoria Channing can neither escape nor protest; with a red rubber ball-gag in her mouth, she cannot even complain. All she can do is accept. And Mistress Cheyenne has a lot in store for her little pet. She introduces the slave to her violet wand, an electrical device which she uses to zap Victoria in the most sensitive possible places. Cheyenne wipes the drool from her slave's mouth, as she sends an electric current through her sweet, erect nipples. The wand travels down Victoria's body, engaging her legs, inner thighs, and finally, her precious little pussy. Not content with just one form of discipline, Cheyenne soon augments her game by breaking out other toys. With the flutter of her riding crop, the deviant Domme smacks and swats Victoria's most delicate spots, all the while teasing the girl with gentle words of encouragement and soft, sensual caresses.

Featuring:  Mistress Cheyenne, Victoria Channing

Date Added: Apr 23, 2017

Video Length: 12:05

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