Pony Girls In Training 2

Mistress Sabrina (Jean Bardot) continues to show Isabella Sinclaire the grounds of her estate, which is well decorated with slaves and servants all around. One particularly lovely slave catches Isabella's eye, so she unzips the girl's hot latex top and the two Dommes begin treating her to some icy cold nipple torment. Meanwhile, the ponygirls are frolicking free outside of the corral, so it's up to the ladies to break these wild fillies. Isabella singles out, using a riding crop to discipline, swat at her thighs and nipples, and teach her high stepping prancing as the girl whinnies into her mouth bit like a proper pony.

Featuring:  Eden Wells, Isabella Sinclaire, Jean Bardot

Date Added: Apr 15, 2016

Video Length: 09:01

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