Rubberella Latex Bound part 6

With a few final pumps to her inflatable gas mask, the slave-in-the-box is locked away, forced to admire her Mistresses helplessly from a distance. Jean Bardot and Mistress Sandra bid her goodbye with a pat on the head, then proceed to toy with their other slavegirl. Chained up, arms immobile and wearing a blindfold, the girl can only respond to the unseen touch of the Dommes with gasps and moans, as they play roughly with their little pet. The Women push her around like a couple of schoolyard bullies, shoving her this way and that, the beauty of their smirking faces lost on the blindfolded girl. At least they have the graciousness to sensually feel her up, running their hands up and down the smooth latex that covers her breasts, her body, and that special spot between her legs, all while the boxed slave watches on with envy.

Featuring:  Claudia, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Apr 17, 2017

Video Length: 05:57

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