Rubberella The Facility Part 6

The training of Rubberslave Sandra continues deep in the dungeon of Rubberella (Mistress Jean Bardot). Dressed in her little latex maid's outfit, Anastasia Pierce kneels at the behest of her Mistress, to bind Sandra's catsuited body in a corset, then lace up a pair of notoriously difficult to walk-in ballet boots on the girl's feet. Sandra accepts these things in resolved silence, receiving these bonds and restraints like a good, obedient slave. Fingerless mitts are placed over the slave's hands, and after being led to the wall, steel bars are attached to hold her in place. The slave is nothing more than a reward, a gift from Rubberella to Anastasia as a "Thank You" for her servitude. How degrading it must feel to be the slave of a slave, to know that the hand that disciplines you is not even the hand of your Mistress, but one of her fellow servants. As Anastasia spanks the girl's latex ass, Rubberella looks on with vested interest. Watching both slaves grow turned on by the experience, she feeds their arousal by playing with Sandra's breasts, her gloved hands lightly touching, very much unlike Anastasia's more aggressive, probing fingers. A slit in the latex gives her access to Sandra's most vulnerable area, and Anastasia is more than happy to teasingly exploit it in between the cruel spanking swats of her hands and her own self-gratification.

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Oct 30, 2016

Video Length: 07:17

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