Secret Session 2 part 1

Leading her slave into the dungeon with a tug of the leash, Mistress Erzsebet is the very model of the classically beautiful Dominatrix; blonde, slim, corseted, and exuding a definite air of superiority. In contrast, Gia Regency's name belies her position, as she dutifully and obediently allows herself to be led by the Mistress, bent over the spanking bench and strapped down without the slightest hint of resistance. Erzsebet wastes no time in warming up the girl, jumping right in with some bare-handed spanking on Gia's firm, toned ass. It's not until the Domme starts pulling Gia's hair and spanking her that the slave starts to realize the depths of her situation, but by that time it's much too late get away. Her long legs struggle against her bonds, but she is very tightly strapped down, there is no chance for her to wiggle away from the punishment she's here to receive, she's securely locked-in for the duration. Gia is the type of slave that tries to internalize her pain, holding her moans and screams in for all but the most powerful punishments. Mistress Erzsebet ups the ante by introducing her pet's backside to the flogger, then takes it even further by using two floggers at once, before finally settling on a nice, thick whip for the girl. As the blonde Domme grabs Gia's hair and lays into her with the whip, she finally gets the heightened, moaning reaction she's been looking for from the typically stoic slave.

Featuring:  Mistress Erzsebet

Date Added: Apr 29, 2017

Video Length: 10:47

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