Serving Miss Daisy Part3 HD

Bent over the bondage bench, slave Nenetl Avril is feeling vulnerable and exposed. It doesn't take much prodding from Dominatrix Daisy Ducati to have the girl choking down her strap-on, gagging and drooling over the black rubber dildo almost as soon as it's offered. The Domme reaches over to her slave's pussy to find it dripping wet, and decides that if the girl's going to respond like a slut, she's going to treat her like a slut. Nenetl is made to beg for her Mistress' cock, in between bouts of sucking her own juices off Daisy's fingertips. The Domme verbally humiliates the pleading girl but in the end acquiesces, giving the slave the cock she so desperately begs for. Nenetl's eyes roll up to the back of her head as Daisy pumps her latex legginged hips back and forth, in and out, grinding against the slave's sweet spot. Like a good girl, Nenetl remembers to constantly thank her, the little metal rings on her collar lightly clinking like chimes as she's thoroughly worked over by her Mistress.

Featuring:  Daisy Ducati, Nenetl Avril

Date Added: May 25, 2016

Video Length: 12:34

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